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National Dong Hwa University is located in Hualien Country, Shou-Feng Township, bounded on the east by Hualien Creek, south by Lao Creek, and north by Mugua Creek, with the Coastal Mountain in Range to the southeast and the Central Mountain Range to the west, about fifteen kilometer south of the world-renowned scenery of Taroko Gorge National Park. The campus is located aside the Provincial Road No. 9 (label 229km for Zhi-Xue Gate, label 231km for Main Gate). Zhi-Xue Gate to backdoor of Hualien train station 16km, front door of Hualien train station 17.2km, Shou-Feng train station 3.5km, Zhi-Xue train station 1km, Hualien airport 21km.

With the size of 251 hectares (650 acres), bicycle is highly recommended for campuswide transportation. The following is the appropriate various transportation vehicles from Taipei to Hualien city:

It's the fastest and the most convenient way of the transport. Single ticket costs around NT$ 1,430. The flight takes about 35 minutes and you have to use a domestic airport. After arrival to Hualien, in airport there is bus transport to the campus or university provides transport.
There are many kinds of train and their service and comfort depend on the price. For timetables and prices see In some rush periods it is better to book your ticket in advance. Some trains go just to Hualien city and some stop near university (train station "Zhi Xue"). The cheapest way from Hualien city to campus is local bus (NT$ 36) or more expensive taxi (about NT$ 300, Bei-Pu Taxi Co. 0800-026-233, 03-826-2333). Transport by train from Taipei to Hualien city takes about 3-4 hours depends on price, from Hualien city to campus about 15-30 minutes.
It is the cheapest way how to get to Hualien but it takes about 6 hours.